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Members of the Hone team have over 20 years of experience working with diverse teams from organizations of all sizes and industries in Canada, the United States and Internationally.

Whether you're prioritizing continuous improvement initiatives with interpersonal relations, team effectiveness, and/or leadership development, or in a critical situation with a dysfunctional team, culture and/or organizational health, Hone's services can exceed your expectations.

We work with organizations that value and embrace the team and leadership development needed to support today's diverse workforce.

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Our Most Popular Services

The Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team

An assessment-based learning program that outlines the essential behaviours to a healthy, well-functioning team: building trust, mastering conflict, achieving commitment, embracing accountability, and focusing on results.
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Everything DiSC®

A personality assessment based learning program that helps you build more effective relationships based on an understanding of different behavioural styles: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness. This research validated model has been used successfully for over 40 years.
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Team Player Fundamentals

There is a big difference between being a team member and being a team player.  The Team Player Fundamentals training experience provides the opportunity for teams to calibrate and align on the four foundational fundamentals required by all team players: choosing positive attitudes, being intentionally open-minded, acting with respect, and taking accountability.
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Psychological Health and Safety

Employer responsibilities are being redefined as the health, legal and business case continues to build for an organization’s duty to protect, promote and accommodate not just the physical safety, but the psychological health and safety needs of employees. A supportive work environment can reduce the onset, severity, impact and duration of mental distress and illness. Employers, leaders and teams all play a role with doing the right thing.
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Human Rights at Work

The primary learning goal of this customizable training is to facilitate a learning experience that helps align your employees at all levels with the awareness and knowledge, of both the laws and your organizational expectations, for a respectful workplace that is free of discrimination, harassment, and bullying.
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Respect in Action

For years, Hone has developed and delivered training for respectful workplaces, having a positive impact on employees and work environments. Our signature programs, 'Respect in Action', 'Human Rights at Work', 'Psychological Health and Safety' and 'Making Conflict Productive' establish respect as a foundational behaviour for teams and organizational success.
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Leadership and Team Coaching

Hone personnel provide coaching for leadership development, team development, future role/career development and current role performance development. We help with clarifying direction, strategizing behaviours, and mastering plans for achievement.
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