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Welcome to your Complimentary Attitude Self-Assessment.

Take this brief simple self-assessment based on Hone's Team Player Fundamentals training program, and see how likely you are to have an attitude advantage, one of the four foundational fundamentals to being an effective team player.

This assessment will take you approximately five minutes to complete and has a total of 20 questions. Respond as honestly as possible, as this will allow you to most accurately identify any areas of development that you may have. The statements in the assessment are typical everyday basic examples in workplaces of behaviours that teams associate with someone's attitude.

When you answer the questions think about the likelihood of the statement being true for you.

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1) I acknowledge and greet people when I see them. For example, I say 'Good morning!'.
2) When I ask someone how they are doing, I stop and listen to their answer.
3) When people ask me how I'm doing, I like to respond with an optimistic answer that's more than the typical 'I'm good' or 'I'm busy'.  For example, 'I'm excellent, it's a great day.' In general, I'm mindful of using positive language when talking about myself, others, work and life, versus using negative language or profanity.
4) I am mindful of my tone of voice and body language to ensure a welcoming presence. This includes eye contact and smiling a lot in a variety of situations, including conversations with others and public speaking.
5) I thank people a lot. There are many contributions to be grateful for that others make.
6) I recognize and praise other peoples strengths. I'm happy for other peoples successes.
7) When someone thanks, praises, or recognizes me for something, I easily accept their gratitude. For example, I say 'You're welcome!'.
8) I admit my mistakes and weaknesses to myself and others, and view them as opportunities to improve and get better. With mistakes, including failures and rejections, I apologize when needed, prioritize learning, and move on quickly.
9) I have no problem asking for help from others, and I like offering help to others.
10) When someone else makes a mistake or does something that I disagree with, I easily forgive and let it go.
11) When something is upsetting to me, I take an objective approach, making sure that I have clarity on the facts, and I address the person(s) involved and the situation in a timely matter.
12) For those bad things that have happened in the past, that is where I leave them, rather than keeping them in the present and future by thinking about them myself or getting involved in gossiping about them with others.
13) I generally feel hopeful, enthusiastic, and confident about myself, change and the future.
14) I think the best of other people. I look for the best in other people. I believe that the majority of people that I encounter have good intentions.
15) I am completely one hundred percent responsible and accountable for how I think, how I feel, and how I behave. It's not my organization, my boss, my colleague, my customers, my family, my friends, my government, my community, or anyone else.
16) When there is a problem, I take initiative. I am solutions oriented. I focus on what I can do versus what everyone else is doing or not doing.
17) When bad things are happening around me and/or to me, I look for the good. I consider what's favourable. I concentrate on the bigger picture. I believe that I have influence and can make things better.
18) I have a good sense of humour. I have fun.
19) I care. I care about people. I care about my work. I care about myself. Most importantly, I show that I care.
20) I have a 'can-do' spirit. I am willing to try and try more than once. I want to do my best.