'Human Rights at Work'
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What every employee, leader and human resources professionals needs to know for the awareness and prevention of discrimination, harassment and bullying in the workplace.

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Promote Respect and Dignity in Your Workplace.

  • Ensure Psychological Safety for Teams and Leaders

  • Comply with Laws, Policies and Procedures

  • Achieve Success with Key Employee Results and Culture

Overview of Your Online Course

Human Rights at Work is comprehensive training divided into two main sections:

     - Section 1 Respectful Workplace Principles
     - Section 2 Promoting and Maintaining a Respectful Workplace

Human Rights at Work online training comes with a 14-day 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Learning Objectives:

  • Verify the laws that impact the workplace for discrimination, harassment and bullying.
  • Grasp the ways that prohibited conduct might be displayed in the workplace, clarifying the roles of intention and reasonable person.
  • Define and recognize the concepts of duty to accommodate, undue hardship, bona fide occupational requirements and prima facie.
  • Outline how to address someone who violates workers and human rights, including complaint avenues.
  • Account for specific responsibilities and liabilities for a respectful workplace of employees, supervisors and employers.
  • Work through case studies to determine what conduct is discrimination, harassment and/or bullying.

Your Online Trainer and Coach

Very well put together. Definitely an eye opener.

Colin, Journeyman

Really enjoyed the case studies.

Michelle, Talent Acquisition Specialist

Very well presented. An excellent resource.

Evan, Superintendent

I learned a tonne, was very engaged and enjoyed the training immensely.

Ted, Software Development Manager

...excellent facilitator...thought provoking...helped increase our organization’s knowledge around human rights.

Ellice, HR Director

Great course - Well instructed.

Randy, Deputy Sergeant-At-Arms

About Your 'Human Rights at Work' Facilitator

Randy Kennett, co-founder of Hone Consulting, coaches, consults, facilitates, and trains individuals and diverse organizations for respectful workplaces using the exact information in this online training course.

  • Co-founder of Hone Consulting, where for approaching 10 years now, we help people work together better.
  • International trainer and coach of individuals and teams from all industries and positions, from entry level to Executive Directors, Government Ministers, and CEOs.
  • Leader, Consultant, and Facilitator of teams from organizations of all sizes from the private, public, and nonprofit sectors, including Fortune 500.
  • Post-Secondary School of Business Instructor.
  • Registered Corporate Coach™ (RCC™), Worldwide Association of Business Coaches (WABC).
  • Degree in General Arts, and further university studies in Adult Education and Business.

Included With Your Online Course

  • Your own 35+ page Participant Workbook/Manual, which includes:
    - 17 Protected Characteristics Explained.
    - 14 Case Studies and Outcomes.
    - 10 Main Respectful Workplace Principles Defined.
    - 3 Pages of Examples of Discrimination, Harassment, and Bullying.
  • Access for a year to nearly 3 hours of online videos and training with Randy....Pause, Stop, Replay the videos on a timeline that works for you!
  • Access and notification for a year to all updates to the online training.
  • Access to a welcome video and tour of your online membership area.

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Pricing for Your Online Course

The cost of attending a half-day workshop can average $195 per person.

Get this 'Human Rights at Work' Online Course for $47.00 (CAD).

Important Additional Information about Your Online Course

Our apologies for the formality - here's the additional information that you need to know:

The information provided in the online course and this participant material is for general information purposes only of the Human Rights Code and the Workers Compensation Act, primarily based on British Columbia, Canada law determined by the BC Human Rights Code, the BC Workers Compensation Act, BC Courts, and the Supreme Court of Canada.

Although it contains legal information, it is neither legal advice, nor is it to be used as a replacement or substitute for professional legal advice.

If you need help with a specific question, call or consult a qualified lawyer.

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Your Additional Bonuses
(Available for You After 14 days from Your Date of Purchase)

Additional Online Training Module - 'Acting with Respect'
From Our Acclaimed Team Player Fundamentals Course

Five Additional Videos - Over 1 hour and 15 Minutes of Training.
By the end of this bonus module, you will be able to:

  • Identify what respect means in action - how we treat other people - and why we need more self-awareness of our own behaviours.
  • Summarize the Four Categories of Disrespect and the associated disrespectful behaviours.
  • Recognize the Four Categories of Respect and the related respectful behaviours.
  • Verify respectful behaviours to work through to increase individual and team effectiveness.

Yes! I'd like to purchase Human Rights at Work Online Course!