Program Overview

An organizational culture with a foundation of respect, dignity, diversity, accommodation, inclusion, and engagement, is never finished business and years in the making. The best organizations consistently invest in getting better, and everyone in the organization has a role.

The question isn’t – “Do you contribute to your organizational and team culture?”
We all contribute ‘something’, either actively or passively.
The question is – “What do you contribute to your organizational and team culture?”

The Respect in Action II: Advancing Teams professional training program develops awareness, skills, and knowledge to support the ongoing performance needed for a positive work environment. The learning experience provides a constructive approach to engage employees with choosing personal accountability to influence respect. Respect in Action II – Advancing Teams supports moving respect from being foundational in policy, mission, and values, to being integrated and institutionalized in behaviours, communications, and relationships.

Learning Objectives

By the end of Respect in Action II – Advancing Teams, presented in a workshop format that involves group discussions and activities, integrating learning from the original Respect in Action training, participants will be able to:

  • Share and discuss current organizational metrics regarding respect in the workplace, outlining ‘respect successes’, identifying ‘respect opportunities’, and individuals’ roles in both.
  • Verify awareness to workplace stress triggers that may impact respect and a positive work environment.
  • Diagram the ‘Values Gap’, and compare current team behaviours to organizational values to grasp variances.
  • Define personal accountability for respect, values and teams, and assess the barriers to being accountable.
  • Review the respectful communication approach to assess and address perceived values gaps, disrespect, and conflicts.
  • Generate recommendations on how to respond to the perception that your behaviours were out of alignment with values and/or respect.
  • Work through how to constructively communicate and act on the agreed upon top opportunities from the organizational metrics.
  • Formulate personal and/or team goals to support advancing the team with respect in action.


  • Review of Respect in Action
  • Awareness: Assessing Self and Team
  • Values: Aligning Team Behaviours
  • Personal Responsibility: Accountability to Respect, Values, and Team
  • Application: Advancing Teams